I am a linguist who specializes in semantics and syntax with an emphasis on strong empirical components that include fieldwork and psycholinguistics.  I carry out detailed studies of phenomena that either look simple but actually involve more complexity and/or have not been studied in detail in a small number of languages (European French, Karata (Nakh-Daghestanian), Seri (isolate)). The questions that one language poses inform my work on the others, and vice versa.

I studied formal linguistics at UMass Amherst, and defended a dissertation on Polar Response Particles (a.k.a. yes/no particles) co-advised by Rajesh Bhatt and Vincent Homer. Before that, I got a master’s degree in descriptive linguistics from the university of Lyon where I worked on Karata (Andi, Nakh-Daghestanian) with Denis Creissels and Colette Grinevald

I am now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Surrey (UK) working on the project ‘Seri verbs: multiple complexities’ (with Matthew BaermanPatricia Cabredo Hofherr, and Carolyn O'Meara). This project seeks to understand what morphological and semantic regularities underlie the exceptional number of suffixes marking plurality in Seri (isolate).



24 March 2020. Distributivity across nouns and verbs in Seri (with Matthew Baerman and Carolyn O'Meara). Workshop on number categories, Bremen, Germany.

24-26 April 2020. Pluractional numerals in Seri: eventuality individuation and distributivity. SALT, Ithaca, USA.

28-30 May 2020. Two types of pluractionality in Seri (with Patricia Cabredo Hofherr). SULA, Mexico City, Mexico.

28-30 May 2020. Distributive numerals in Seri require the individuation of numeral states. SULA, Mexico City, Mexico.

2 September 2020. Workshop on the methodology of semantic fieldwork (invited talk). Sinn und Bedeutung, London, U.K.